Returning Raider to Undying Resolution? Read Within!

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Returning Raider to Undying Resolution? Read Within!

Post by URCouncil » Sun Sep 21, 2014 1:00 pm


This application is meant for the former raiders of Undying Resolution who wish to return to raiding ranks from their current social rank.

While your past deeds will certainly help your application, they will not grant you an automatic raid spot. In the time since you have left raiding, we have lost old friends and gained new ones. While the officers may know what you are capable of doing, there are likely twice as many raiders who have no such knowledge. As such, you will need to re-earn your raid spot. The amount of time it takes will depend on your attitude, performance, and attendance.

Questions (Copy This):


1. Character in Undying Resolution who is currently listed as your main: Name, Class, Spec, Race (e.g. Tommy, Warrior, Fury, Human):

2. Are you wanting to raid on this character or do you plan to change mains? If the former, skip to Question 4.

3a. If you want to change mains, what Character would you like to raid on: Name, Class, Spec, Race. Please provide an Armory Link to this new character, if applicable [].

3b. If you plan on changing mains, what is your previous raid experience on this character?

4. Do you plan on attending other guild activities, e.g., old raids and PvP, besides raiding?

5. As you are re-applying as a raider, what has changed in your life that is allowing you to raid again? Personal details are not required, but please provide an explanation as to why you are able to return to raiding.

6. How long do you plan to actively play WoW again? Do you plan on staying for the long run, or is this something that will last a few months?

7. Our mandatory raid nights are Wednesday and Thursday. We require a minimum attendance of 80% per quarter to maintain Specialist status and 87% for Champion status. See "Raid Attendance Requirements in MoP - Read All 4 Parts" for further information. If you are unable to meet these requirements, you will likely be returned to Compatriot. Is this understood?


Considerations (Do not copy this):

The officers give special consideration to factors in your past:

A. Length of your tenure.
B. Your former rank attained.
C. Your past typical performance.
D. Your past attendance history.
E. Your contribution to the guild beyond raiding.
F. The extent to which you followed the rules at the time you left with respect to notification of absence.

Factors in the present are also taken into consideration such as:
A. The need for your class and spec.
B. Availability of current or anticipated raid spots.
C. The gear level you currently have relative to the content we're currently on.

All of these factors can and will have an impact on the priority with which the officers work to guide you back into the raiding core. It is extremely important to note that if you are committed to Undying Resolution (which we hope you are as a returning member) then Undying Resolution will be committed to you! It may not happen over night or even in a month but we will do our best to treat you with the respect you've come to expect of this organization.

Guidelines for the acceptance of returning raiders:

If a returning raiders re-application is found to be satisfactory, the returning raider shall undertake a modified trial period in which they will be returned to the rank below their previously held rank. This will last a minimum of 3 weeks, in this time the returning raider must demonstrate they are able to return to the raiding roster. This is achieved by bringing a performance consistent with past performances and current class abilities. Further the attendance shall meet or exceed the rank that the applicant is aiming for. Attendance shall be counted for actual raids attended, as well as those signed up for where the applicant is on standby but is online at 8pm and either remains online or leaves a method of contact with the raid leader.

Following the conclusion of the 3 week period the applicant if successful will return to their previously held rank and then fall under the normal requirements for future promotions.

Some examples:

A returning Aspirant shall re-apply to the guild using the standard raider application.
A returning Specialist will spend 3 weeks minimum as a Aspirant.
A returning Champion will spend 3 weeks minimum as a Specialist.
A returning Crusader will spend 3 weeks minimum on observation to assess raid suitability, as Crusader is a life time rank, returning Crusaders will remain at the Crusader rank (in most cases aside from g-quits, the Crusader will not have lost his/her rank during their absence.

Failing to achieve satisfactory results at the end of a minimum of 3 weeks may result in an offer of Compatriot position, or extenuating requirements for improvement and an extended trial period. This will occur on a case by case basis.